Zihan Bing, New York University

Zihan grew up in Nanjing, China. He moved to New York five years ago for university. Zihan received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from New York University. He is completing his Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU. Zihan speaks English fluently, is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, and is beginning to learn Cantonese. He is committed to providing a professional and accessible therapeutic environment for clients who are willing to use all these languages. 

In his work, Zihan incorporates a blend of approaches tailored to each client’s unique needs, creating a safe and supportive environment. He emphasizes the importance of validation and humor to put clients at ease, making therapy a space where they feel truly heard and not judged. Through guided exploration of emotions, Zihan helps clients identify the thoughts and patterns that influence their feelings and behaviors. This process enables clients to understand themselves better and develop strategies for change. Together, they would work on more compassionate self-talk and practical steps to manage stress, leading to meaningful improvements in the client’s well-being. 

As a Chinese international student and an immigrant to the US, Zihan has a deep passion for supporting communities of immigrants and international students. He uses his personal experiences to empathize with their unique challenges, such as cultural adaptation and identity exploration. His understanding extends to navigating the complexities of straddling different cultural realms. Additionally, Zihan’s work with Jewish and Muslim clients has trained his ability to create a respectful and inclusive environment that honors cultural and religious beliefs. He is also dedicated to serving the LGBTQIA+ community, providing a welcoming space where individuals can discuss their identity, relationships, and personal experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere. 

Zihan is particularly focused on supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and OCD, seeking innovative and compassionate approaches to help manage these conditions. His clinical interests also encompass aiding clients in navigating relationship issues, as well as coping with academic and workplace pressures.

Client Focus Area



Boundary Setting,

Break Ups,





Family Conflict,

Generational Conflict,



Life Transitions,

Men’s Issues,



Racial Identity,

Self Esteem,

Sports Performance,





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