At Refresh, we believe that everyone has their own unique path to progress. Our clinicians offer a variety of therapeutic models, like CBT, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, and Motivational Interviewing, to ensure that each person’s treatment is tailored to their needs and circumstances. 


Coaching is not a medically necessary service but rather an activity for healthy individuals to enhance normal functioning. Coaching is not covered by insurance, does not treat symptoms, and a diagnosis is never provided.

Many of our coaching services focus on healthy interpersonal communication, but coaching can also be used to formulate and work on goals with accountability from a professional. Coaching works on a “growth mindset” and may include “homework” exercises.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching tackles questions such as, “What is my purpose in life?” and “What should I do with my life?” Coaching helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals.

Family Communication Coaching

Family Coaching provides a setting for adult families who want to improve their communication and functioning. The coach works as an emotional interpreter for family members to better the perspectives of other members. Family coaching works to improve self-awareness, as well as insight into family dynamics.
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Relationships Coaching

At Refresh, we invite partners to come in for relationship coaching. As an inclusive practice, we want to stress that any style of partnership is welcome at Refresh.
Coaching can be effective at any stage in a relationship. You and your partner(s) will work with a therapist to improve your relationship in multiple ways, including communication, issues of sexuality, and dissatisfaction. Coaching can also help partners who are considering moving toward a long-term commitment.



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