Abby Quint, New York University

Abby grew up outside of Boston until she was 18, and then moved to St. Petersburg, FL. She recently moved to New York looking for new opportunities to build her career. While she is not a native New Yorker, there are some aspects of growing up in Boston that carry over to New York well, such as jaywalking and weaving through slow walkers.

Abby received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development at Eckerd College. While working at her second professional job, she became certified in Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid, which is used to help de-escalate mental health crisis situations. Abby has worked with high-risk children and adolescents who are feeling suicidal or are violent against others. Abby became CORE certified and led art therapy groups with survivors of domestic violence.

Currently Abby is a second-year graduate student at New York University, Steinhardt, and is working towards a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Wellness. Abby believes therapy is supposed to be a collaborative process, driven by the client. She focuses on discussing personal goals, barriers to goals, and replacing negative ways of thinking with more realistic and helpful ways of thinking. Her practice promotes empowering clients and highlighting natural strengths. Abby utilizes narrative therapy and other art therapy techniques in sessions to access more subconscious feelings and thoughts. Abby recognizes the value of a multicultural lens when working with people and strives to provide a comfortable and authentic space to work. She understands the importance of each client’s unique cultural identity, as it pertains to their therapeutic journey.

Abby has particular interest in sex therapy because there is such power in having a positive sexual relationship with oneself and partners. She feels as a society, this is an area that deserves more attention. Abby is also invested in the effects of domestic violence on families and hopes to find interventions that prevent ongoing domestic violence. Abby feels passionate about incorporating empowerment, mindfulness, and trauma-informed approaches into her practice. She specializes in addressing depressive symptoms, anxious symptoms, stress, low self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication skills, relationship issues, and LBGTQ+ specific concerns.

Abby enjoys people watching, going to flee markets and thrift stores, exploring new restaurants, and walking or roller skating around the parks. She loves coloring and trying any sort of craft, especially when it is warm outside. Abby loves to watch sunsets from the perfect high points around the city. She is always going to see live music or stand-up comedy around the city. In her down time, Abby watches a lot of documentaries or plays with her cat.

Client Focus Area

Abuse Survivors,



Blended Families,

Boundary Setting,



Family Conflict,


Life Transitions,

Self Esteem,

Women’s Issues,



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