Melissa Mendez, LMSW

Melissa is a Licensed Master Social Worker focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Functional Family Therapy (FFT), and Narrative Therapy. She provides both short and long term therapy and specializes in working with families, adolescents, and the LGBTQ population.

Melissa believes that everything is connected: mind, body, spirit, and environment. We must take care of all to be right with one. She uses a variety of therapeutic strategies to help you understand the issues that you are facing and connect all aspects of your life to find resolution.

Melissa was born and raised in Central New York. She attended public city schools and based on her experiences, made a conscious choice to someday work in the very same district, determined to make a positive impact. Melissa graduated from Syracuse University with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree in social work.

Social Work is a second career for Melissa who spent over a decade as a hairstylist. She has always been a “helper”; Melissa thrives on helping others discover their greatness. Currently a high school social worker, Melissa often tells her students to “use their powers for good”, all of the energy it takes to be mad, sad, angry, anxious, and scared, if given the proper tools, can be turned around and used to create a healthy, happy, and successful life.

She believes that we never stop learning and growing and is excited to be a small part of your journey!



159 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 | 14 Wall Street,
New York, NY 10005

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