Mikayla Ciotta, MHC-LP

Mikayla was born and raised on Long Island. Mikayla received her undergraduate degree at Loyola University, in Baltimore, MD. Mikayla decided to return to the city of her birth to continue her education, graduating with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Touro University. She was awarded the OWEP Fellowship, which includes specialized training for substance abuse disorders.

Mikayla has worked for multiple private practices, which allowed her to create a personalized and flexible approach to therapy for each client, while also fostering a warm and compassionate environment. She has worked with individuals coming from various backgrounds, experiencing a wide range of diagnoses including panic disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Mikayla focuses on each person holistically. Mikayla incorporates empathy, unconditional positive regard and genuineness while also taking a deeper look at the individual and exploring their unconscious mind and behaviors. Mikayla loves to collaborate with her clients using person centered therapy to provide a space where change can be uncovered together. Mikayla is passionate about exploring past experiences to help her clients develop.

Some of Mikaylas other clinical interests include a cognitive behavioral approach as well as working with individuals who may be struggling with substance abuse.

Mikayla is part of the Italian-American community and will always remember the Sunday night dinners her grandmother held.

Some of Mikayla’s hobbies include exploring new coffee shops, taking walks in the busy streets of Manhattan, cooking, and coming up with different gluten-free recipes. Mikayla also loves to try new restaurants and bakeries in Manhattan that have gluten-free options.

Mikayla loves to take walks, cook and spend time with family and friends during her free time. She also loves to binge-watch TV shows and movies.

Mikayla grew up going into the city for day trips and she always knew she wanted to spend some time living here after college. Mikayla loves the hustle and bustle that New York City has to offer as well as all of the endless things to do.

Mikayla volunteers to foster dogs who have been living in shelters across the United States. Mikayla and her sister have fostered over 7 dogs together over the past two years and have proudly helped to land them in their forever homes.



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New York, NY 10005

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