Katherine Heidelberger, LMSW

Kat grew up in the Boston area. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for her undergraduate degree where she studied marketing, and is currently attending NYU Silver for her Master’s in Social Work degree.

Before graduate school, Kat worked as a counselor at a residential DBT program for clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and comorbid disorders such as OCD, social anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and depression. Many of the patients that Kat worked with also had LGBTQ+ identities and histories of trauma. Here, she counseled patients experiencing emotional distress, utilizing DBT skills to help support their treatment. During her first year of graduate school, Kat worked in intake at an outpatient behavioral health clinic for adults.

Kat’s therapeutic style incorporates warmth, humor, and curiosity, and is tailored to each client. She wants each client to feel like she has their back while helping them discover any patterns that may be getting in their way. She has experience with DBT, and is interested in how DBT and psychodynamic therapy can work together to help clients gain insight, and create meaningful change in their lives.

Kat is passionate about music and loves to sing and play guitar, and has been taking electric bass lessons for the past year. For self-care, Kat likes to play and write music, take walks, dance, and talk to friends and family. Although Kat has only been in the NYC area for a little over a year, she loves everything that the city has to offer. She loves that there are so many new experiences to be had, and there is never a dull moment. Her favorite things to do are going out dancing, people-watching in a park, going out to eat at local restaurants, and seeing live music.



159 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 | 14 Wall Street,
New York, NY 10005

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