Dejah Myers, LMSW

Dejah (she/her) is a native of Clearwater, Florida. She is now firmly planted in the New York area where she is a Licensed Master Social Worker. Dejah is a three-time Florida State University alumnus. There, she received a Bachelor’s degree in sport management, a Master’s in sport management, and her Master’s in Social Work degree.

Dejah’s previous clinical experiences have allowed her to explore what healing and investing in oneself looks and feels like for diversified clientele; veterans, couples, justice-involved individuals.

This work has empowered Dejah’s commitment to customizing and creating a safe therapeutic space for all of her clients. She enjoys working with clients of varying ethnic, cultural, and political backgrounds, specifically those clients who identify as people of color. Dejah is deeply committed to supporting and working with individuals within the LGBTQIA+ communities whose adolescent experiences are impacting their adult lives.

Dejah’s focus is to create safe and affirming therapeutic relationships where every client can bring their whole selves, which allows true exploration of issues and topics affecting them without fear of shame or judgment. Dejah believes the therapeutic relationship is vital to client progress and emphasizes the client’s role in co-creating an environment where they feel most comfortable and supported. Dejah creates these spaces by being completely invested in her clients and their experiences, Dejah’s curiosity about her clients allows deep exploration of early life trauma, which can impact a clients ability to be affirmed in their identify, sexual positivity and inherent resilience.

Dejah specializes in several clinical areas, including the exploration of racial oppression, and gender and sexual identites. Treating athlete’s and clients in high pressure performance driven careers is a clinical specialty of Dejah’s; it marries her sports management and social work training. Dejah also specializes in working with clients who want to work through depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal conflict, resistance to change, self-esteem, anger management, and career development. De

Dejah believes that maintaining proper self-care practices is essential to ensuring she shows up for her clients in the way they deserve. She enjoys going for walks, cooking new recipes, going to the spa, and watching anime. She spends her time working out, watching college and professional football, and trying out new restaurants around the city. Dejah loves NYC because of the cultural diversity, the food, and the fact that there is always something fun to do, no matter the day or time.

Dejah is passionate about giving back through community activism, and is a huge social justice advocate. She currently sits on the Florida Restorative Justice Association board, where she works to bring awareness to alternative justice practices. She also works with various peace leaders as a part of an international organization that allows her to speak on a variety of social justice issues.



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