October 10, 2022

How to Balance Family, Work, and Living in Today’s America

Today’s America looks very different from America pre-pandemic. It’s important to acknowledge the difficulties in balancing and living as there are times where the two struggle to co-exist. 

While battling inflation, possible layoffs, health scares, and the upcoming holiday season, the looming stress can feel like a burden. So here are some tips to preserve your peace amidst the stress of today’s America.

Take a mental health day:

There are times when our work schedules become overwhelming and we need a day to recuperate. You can choose how to spend your day; whether it’s sleeping, completing your favorite hobby, taking a walk in the park, watching your favorite show, or doing absolutely nothing because you deserve it.


When things feel off-balance, it can feel good to clean your space. Our space can reflect the chaos in our minds. This can be physical space such as an apartment or office, or mental space. To support clearing your mental space, try meditating using an app called HeadSpace or Youtube meditations. You can also use yoga, mindfulness, or free writing.

Say NO:

Yes, you read right. Sometimes it feels easier to say yes than to muster the courage of ‘no’. When you recognize the value of your time, it becomes easier to make that decision. If you are feeling tired and at your wits end, boundaries may be the key to moving forward. 

If this is something that feels hard, make a list as to why.  

Is it hard because you don’t want to disappoint others? Yourself? 

What about the time it takes from your already full day? 

If you didn’t complete the task, what would happen? To you? To them?

Oftentimes, we create barriers as to why we CAN’T say no and not for why we CAN say no.If this resonates with you, check out Refresh’s newest therapy group about boundaries at: https://refreshtherapynyc.com/therapy-group/normalizing-ownership-reimagining-your-time-space-and-your-boundaries/

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Written by Iyesha Gatling, LMFT



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