September 9, 2022

The Power of Sharing: Activating Your Network

It is easy to feel lonely in our fast-paced, technology-centered world. These feelings of loneliness can bring about anxiety, social isolation, and depression. Building your community is the antidote to loneliness. Connecting with the people around you is healthy and necessary for a balanced life. When you build relationships that allow you to share and connect, the seeds of your network are planted. Your network includes people you feel connected to, as well as people you interact with often. Building your network requires effort, but the payoff is well worth it. As your network grows, so do your options; you will have more people to turn to if you need support, social interaction, and much more. Our communities are found through our personal networks. 

Community is a broad term to describe those who surround you. Some communities are based on similar interests, while others are created by shared experiences. In either case, your community is meant to be a safe place for you to share. Identifying the communities you are a part of is the first step to pushing off loneliness. Do you feel connected to your coworkers? Are you part of any clubs? What connects you with your friends? The answers to these questions can help you to recognize how your larger network breaks down into smaller communities. Connection to others requires vulnerability on our part. Small-talk is great at the start of relationships, but depth comes from the willingness of each party to share. Not all sharing has to be emotional or physical; some connections come from the sharing of resources and knowledge.

Refresh Psychotherapy offers multiple therapeutic groups throughout the year. Joining a therapeutic group can be a good way to begin connecting with others who share similar experiences to you. Some groups are tools-based, while others are focused on healing. These groups can be yet another community for you to join and connect with. Visit for more information about our group offerings.

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Written by Jessy Pucker, LMSW



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