Laura Dupper, LMSW

Laura is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and has been thrilled to call New York City home for the last 6 years. Laura studied Theatre and Psychology at Southern Methodist University, and obtained her masters in Social Work from The University of Tennessee.

Laura works with adults experiencing Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder. She is certified in trauma treatment, Laura’s work with clients helps them gain new perspectives on current and traumatic past experiences impacting how they perceive the world. Additionally, she incorporates embodiment, somatic practices, CBT, DBT, and ACT models in her work with clients..

Laura believes that every client is the expert in their own life. She seeks to create a safe space where true exploration and change can occur. She knows that just showing up to therapy requires a tremendous amount of vulnerability, and her goal is that every client would feel empowered to continue to show up to themselves and to the therapeutic process. Laura sees therapy as a collaborative process and seeks to understand, make her clients feel seen, and guide the process towards the goals we establish together.

Laura is a spiritual person, and an artist. As someone who has worked as a theater director for many years in NYC, she enjoys working with creatives, and understands the financial, emotional, and occupational insecurity that can come from that lifestyle. She also understands the incredible value in being a part of an artistic community and creating your own path.

New York makes Laura feel alive and energized and like she is a part of something bigger than herself. There is endless exploration and opportunity to feel both anonymous and intertwined in the fabric of this diverse city. And of course—the food. She enjoys going to theater, concerts, and generally taking in every bit of art and culture possible that the city offers. Although she loves the city, being from the Smokey Mountains, Laura also loves the opportunity to get away to the mountains to hike. In her free time, she enjoys distance running as a form of self-care, biking, and playing pick-up sports with her friends. She also journals regularly and makes time for long walks and coffee dates with the people she loves the most.

In her free time, Laura also volunteers with several mental illness awareness and de-stigmatizing organizations. She loves to volunteer at a local soup kitchen when she can and advocates for marginalized voices to be elevated in art.

Client Focus Area



Bipolar Disorder,

Boundary Setting,

Break Ups,





Imposter Syndrome,

Life Transitions,

Self Esteem,




Women’s Issues,



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