Emma Novick, LMSW

Emma is a lifelong New Yorker. She attended CUNY Hunter College where she earned a degree in Psychology and loved it so much she decided to pursue Master of Social work at Hunter’s Silberman School. Emma takes pride in having her entire education from public schools in New York.

Emma worked with children and adolescents with developmental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. She also worked as an academic research assistant at Hunter College. Emma helped research adolescents’ perceptions of sexual consent. Emma also participated in a study of how Black women use coping mechanisms to manage experiences of discrimination. Emma has also worked as a Care Coordinator at a Health Homes agency for adults with serious mental illness and chronic physical illness. Emma has also worked with adolescents and adults experiencing PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, personality disorders and chronic physical illness.

Emma uses a strengths-based and person-centered approach to support and work with her clients. She also employs techniques from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in her work with clients. Emma’s clinical interests focus on anxiety/panic disorders, family relationships, life transitions, and depression.

Emma finds daily self-care important, whether that be taking a nap, putting on a face mask, seeing friends and family, or watching tv. In addition, Emma loves to cook and learn new techniques in the kitchen in her free time. Growing up Emma participated in a choir and now she enjoys singing loudly in her apartment.

Emma loves the diversity of New York City. She enjoys all that the city has to offer, especially learning about and eating other cuisines. Emma lives moments when she is walking alone in the city without headphones watching people from all walks of life move around her.
Emma is a lifelong volunteer. As a kid, she would arrange food drives in her community and at her school. During the pandemic Emma and her mother volunteered at a food bank giving out groceries and hot meals to local families.



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New York, NY 10005

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