April 15, 2022

Keep Your Mind Clear: Daily Habits for Organization

Cleaning your personal space can often feel like a positive, proactive measure to clear your mind. Michelle Newman, the director of the Laboratory for Anxiety and Depression Research at Penn State University said, ‘if you can exert some control over your inbox or your office space, these are small things you can attend to and feel good about’. This type of behavior can improve self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment. It can be empowering to feel like you are accomplishing goals and taking items off of your to-do list.

The idea of organization looks different for everyone. Some people feel most comfortable in ‘organized chaos’ where their spaces appear messy, but they know where everything is. Some people require complete tidiness in order to feel comfortable in their space. It is important to first define what organization means to you, and how to maintain that organization in the future. Below are a few daily habits to practice to increase your organization.

Think about the objects you use most in your house
Make sure you can see these objects or have a good understanding of where they are. Start to take stock of your daily activities and what you need to complete them.

Place tools for daily use near their spaces
Example: put your books near your reading chair or your pens near your desk. This can help stave off any frustrations about losing objects and time spent looking for them.

Create physical boundaries for different spaces
Designate which areas you will do daily activities, which include eating, sleeping, working, etc. If you are working at your desk, make sure to only do work related activities there. Since the Covid19 pandemic has pushed many people to work remotely, it is important to create spaces for work that you can clearly leave when you are not working.

Being organized doesn’t always mean buying the newest organizational tools or having your whole house color-coded. It is about knowing your space and having access to the spaces and objects you need most. These tools can help to de-stress your home environment, which will lead to less stress in daily life.

Written by Jessy Pucker LMSW

Photo Cred: Canva



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