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February 24, 2023

Is it 5′ o’clock Yet? : How to Stay Motivated at Work

We have all been there; staring at the clock moving minute-by-minute, waiting for the end of the work day. Staying motivated throughout the day is challenging and (unfortunately) common. Expecting yourself to be motivated 24/7 is unrealistic, but if you find yourself struggling more than usual, here are some tips that can help. 

1. Listen to a Podcast

Listening to an uplifting podcast can increase internal motivation, which can help you regain focus and concentration. For me, listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast is a great way to feel rejuvenated during the workday. I recommend choosing a podcast that will spark a smile or a laugh. If you find yourself losing momentum at work, throw on your headphones and try out a podcast. 

2. Ask an Important Question

Who or what brings you joy? I recommend looking at a picture of your favorite person or animal to remind you of the things you love. If a picture doesn’t work, try thinking about the yummy dinner you’ll be preparing or the social plans you have after work. Remind yourself of what brings you joy; this can spark motivation to move towards that very thing. 

3. Take your Break

Please, please take your lunch break. This recommendation may sound simple, but is an important reminder that we all need to hear. Sometimes stepping away from a work task might actually help you create fresh ideas when you return. I encourage everyone to take their break to refuel their body by eating, drinking water, or going for a walk. When you schedule your future break you’re more likely to actually take it. I’ll be sure to block off mine too! 

4. Call a Loved One

It’s normal for motivation to come and go throughout the day. Picking up the phone or texting a loved one and asking for support can be a game changer! I encourage you to call someone who can provide reassurance or validation while you move through your day. Receiving external validation can help normalize your experience. So call your support system, and you may get the added benefit of being hyped up by your favorite person! 

Lastly, I cannot stress enough how normal it is to feel a lack of motivation at work. There will be some days where you just can’t regain motivation, and that is okay! Above all else, have compassion towards yourself during those difficult times at work. Focus on what brings you joy: phoning a loved one, practicing breathing, repeating affirmations, or listening to a podcast. You got this!

Written by Olivia Alvizo, LMSW



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