January 5, 2023

3 Good Morning Habits for a Successful Start to your Day

Do you wake up feeling groggy and unprepared to start your day? This is a common experience, especially in the winter months when there is less sunlight. A morning routine is a good way to rev your engine and start your day on a positive note. 

Make sure you set realistic goals for improving your mornings. For example, if you want to wake up earlier, try doing so incrementally; wake up 10 minutes earlier for a week, then push it up to 20 minutes the next week, and so on. Below are three suggestions for healthy morning habits, but your routine is personal to you. Choose activities that feel energizing for you!

1. Create a wake up playlist

Make a playlist to match the way you want to wake up; this can be gentle, fast-paced, happy, or anything in between. These songs will mark the start of your day and set the mood for your wake up. 

2. Get your body moving 

A morning workout is great, but can feel ambitious for some people. Moving your body can mean anything from intense cardio to easy stretching. The nature of the movement doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you start your day doing something positive for yourself. 

3. Repeat a morning affirmation

Crease a phrase that you wake up and say every morning. This can be anything that will open you up to the day and motivate you to get started. Some examples include, ‘I am excited about this day!’, or ‘Today I will be kind to myself’. 

No matter what you choose for your routine, the most important part is getting your feet on the ground and keeping that momentum throughout the day. Some mornings will be harder than others, but try to keep building your habits to the point where they feel automatic.

Written by Jessy Pucker, LMSW



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