Let That ‘Should’ Go: A Virtual Art Therapy Group

Monday Evenings: 8:00 – 9:00 pm
8 sessions: 10/3/2022 – 11/21/2022

My name is Sadé Barksdale and I am a Licensed & Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT, ATR-BC) at Refresh Psychotherapy. I am very excited to announce that Refresh will be running an art therapy group. “Let That ‘Should’ Go” is a group that will utilize art therapy techniques to assist folks in exploring themes of low self esteem and the journey of releasing internal and external pressures. The group will be held virtually, and run 8 weeks, from 8-9pm, beginning on Monday, October 3, 2022 and ending on Monday, November 21, 2022.

When someone views themselves through a negative lens it can begin to impact many areas of their lives. Comparison, low self-esteem, and negative self-talk often have their origins in childhood and can make it difficult as an adult to celebrate one's progress and accomplishments. Feeling as if you ‘could’ have been better, or that you ‘should’ be in a different place in life, or that you ‘would’ be there if ‘XY Z’ did not happen can limit one’s ability to move forward. Leaning into these patterns of thinking, can cause people to fall into cycles of shame. If left unaddressed, these thoughts and feelings may increase symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“Let that ‘Should’ Go” will provide you with the tools you need to understand your limiting beliefs and their origins, how these limiting beliefs have manifested today, and ways to begin to overcome them.Through the use of various art therapy techniques, participants will be able to gain further insight into negative patterns of thinking and make meaning of them. One does not need to identify as an artist to engage in this group. Art Therapy can be useful to many people as it does not focus on the aesthetics or the creation of ‘good art'. Art therapy is an invitation to create. You can use line, shape, and color as a way of developing a deeper understanding of
yourself. In a safe and creative space you will be able to express yourself both visually and verbally and begin the journey towards self-acceptance.

If you feel that “Let that ‘Should’ Go” would be a good fit for your needs, feel free to reach out so we can schedule a brief consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sadé Barksdale, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, LPAT

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