Wananan Phualek, LMSW, CAPP

Wananan is trained in Energy Psychology, CBT, Mindfulness practices, and Meditation. She is a certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner. It is her mission to help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals while enhancing their well-being. She believes in the mind, body, and spiritual connections, and teaches clients how to pay attention and integrate all three levels to deepen the healing process. She uses tools and interventions from Positive Psychology, CBT, Energy Psychology, EFT, Gestalt Therapy, and Imago Relationship Therapy. She has also assisted at 15 of Getting the Love You Want Couples Weekend Workshops led by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD.

Wananan is passionate about creating a safe space for people to explore their life transitions and challenges. She gives them concrete tools to transform their emotional pain into a path of healing and growth. She works with young adults, adults, and couples. Wananan is passionate about self-care and teaches self-care workshops to empower others to nurture and appreciate their own core essence.

Wananan was born and raised in the northeast of Thailand, Isan region. She came to the US for the first time when she was 17 years old to participate in an International Exchange Student Program for one year, where she stayed with a host family and attended a high school near St. Louis, MO. After that, she went back to Thailand and completed a bachelor’s degree in business. She went on to earn her Certification in Applied Positive Psychology in NYC. Wananan earned her MSW at New York University Silver School of Social Work.

Wananan teaches Thai cooking to couples, called “Cooking for Connection”. She values and fosters harmonious resolution of conflict, as well as teaching conscious communication to couples.

She supports first-generation college students in receiving the necessary resources to help them achieve their academic goals and enhance their lives and well-being.

Wananan practices mindfulness, meditation, and energy work regularly. She loves living and working in NYC. She has met many interesting people who share similar values and loves the exchange of ideas and diversity of cultures. She enjoys cooking, reading, and attending group sharing. She also loves attending educational workshops to continue her training.



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