Sadaf Hasnain, LMSW

Sadaf was born and raised in Pakistan, and spent a few years in Chicago before moving to New York in 2018. She holds a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Northwestern University and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Hunter’s Silberman School in New York. She is passionate about improving mental health awareness and access among communities of color, focusing particularly on women and girls experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma related disorders at various stages of their life course.

Sadaf’s therapeutic style includes a combination of Psychodynamic modalities. She believes identities, thought processes and behaviors are shaped by everyday events and stressors as well as as the broader structural and cultural backdrops of people’s lives. Sadaf takes a holistic approach to individual well-being, helping clients contextualize their life experiences in order to develop better self-awareness and resilience. Sadaf has worked as a clinical counsellor with young girls and women preparing for their High School Equivalency exam in the Bronx. She has also worked as clinical intern at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies where she worked primarily with young adults experiencing relationship issues, life transitions, and a range of mental health diagnoses including depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Sadaf has conducted anthropological research in South Asia to understand how members of marginalized religious groups practice and find meaning in their citizenship at the level of the everyday. This research helped Sadaf understand concerns about religious and national identity, ethics, religiosity, balancing the public and private spheres, and the generational transmission of historical trauma. It also introduced her to the power of storytelling and the therapeutic potential in communal construction and sharing of narratives.

Sadaf visits family and friends in Pakistan frequently, and hopes to start collaborative work with mental health experts and institutions in South Asia to do her part in furthering the cause of women’s mental health in the region. In her free time, Sadaf enjoys cooking, reading, eating out, taking care of plants and planning activities for her son. She appreciates NYC most for its diversity, acceptance, forthrightness, and sometimes the trains.



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