Lauren Riley, MSW

Lauren grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She attended The University of Southern California for her undergraduate degree and New York University for her Master of Social Work degree.

Before joining the Refresh team Lauren worked at a family shelter in the Bronx. While there she provided individual therapy to clients experiencing the impact of issues related to grief, trauma, and family challenges. Lauren strives to empower people in their healing process through psychotherapy, trauma-informed practice, and holistic care.

Lauren is a descendant of an Armenian genocide survivor. Her background connects Lauren to a visceral sense of social injustice. Lauren’s background also connects her to a strong appreciation of culture and the ways that it incorporates into our lives, especially through values, food, and language.

Lauren loves to read, play tennis, watch movies, and travel. She also started biking this year, which she enjoys as well. Lauren also journals and talks to loved ones for self-care.Lauren loves trying all the food that NYC has to offer, and feels like that will never change. She loves exploring the unique diversity of experiences NYC has to offer!

Lauren’s motivation for her work comes from a desire to give back to the community she lives in; she incorporates this in the way she votes, protests, and works.



159 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 | 14 Wall Street,
New York, NY 10005

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