Jack Szary, MHC-LP

Jack grew up in New Jersey but has also lived in Florida, Vermont, and Tennessee before setting down roots in NYC. Jack has a BS in Criminology from Florida State University and a MA in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling from New York University.

He has previously worked in child advocacy centers, homeless shelters, at a teacher’s union, as well as in several different legal settings. Early in his career, Jack worked primarily with child survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. He has also worked with individuals presenting with substance abuse challenges, issues related to immigration status, HIV/AIDS, as well as issues related to previous incarceration. Much of his experience as of late has been with working-class professionals presenting with anxiety and depression.

Jack places a lot of value on the client-clinician relationship. He feels it is important that clients feel comfortable in session and have a clear understanding of what therapy is and how it works. He draws from many different theoretical orientations including CBT, psychodynamic, and existential therapy to create a holistic and individually tailored approach toward working with each client. Themes of meaning, control, and power seem to consistently come up in therapeutic work, which Jack feels provides an interesting perspective into different areas of distress in many client’s lives.

In his free time, Jack plays guitar, reads, and learns new skills. He has a natural curiosity toward life that is constantly pushing himself toward new experiences. For Jack, self-care is a major part of life. He practices mindfulness and gratitude journaling daily as a means of starting each day on the right note. He enjoys going to the gym, eating healthfully, and drinking lots of water. Jack believes that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Jack loves living and working in New York City because of its inherent diversity and culture. There is always something to do here, someone new to meet, and new experiences to be had!



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