Gabrielle Green, LMSW

Gabbie is a proud Bronx Native. She received her Bachelors in psychology from Howard University in Washington, DC. Afterward, she completed New York University’s International Masters of Social Work Program. She began her studies in Shanghai, China then returned to the New York Campus for her final year. Throughout her career, Gabbie has provided therapy to students in a highschool setting and to people of all ages in a community-based non-profit agency. She also has conducted research with NYU to learn about and provide resources to different communities in the Philippines. Focusing on women’s health, Gabbie and her team provided a space for the women to discuss their needs and hopes for change and gathered data in order to implement some of these changes.

Gabbie has experience supporting clients living with chronic illnesses, immigrants, couples, members of the LGBTQIA community, justice-involved persons, persons facing homelessness, and survivors of domestic violence. Gabbie remains invested in understanding how non- Eurocentric cultures understand mental wellness as she believes there is no one way to approach healing and there is always more to learn.

Gabbie believes that healing is unique for each person and comes in many forms including, but not limited to, trauma-informed therapy, psychotherapy, meditation, travel, food, art, education, and community. Gabbie enjoys using psychodynamic theory, motivational interviewing, and holistic practices such as grounding techniques and mindfulness. She believes that therapy is a collaborative tool and uses this partnership to assist clients with working on racial healing, family and relationship issues, trauma, identity, problems surrounding sex, anxiety, depression, and creating a healthy life that fights against oppressive systems and societal structures.

Gabbie is a Jamaican American and is extremely proud of her Caribbean heritage. She loves the food, music, and language and is passionate about maintaining the authenticity of her culture as she continues to live in the United States. In her spare time, Gabbie loves to travel, drive upstate to spend time in nature, visit art museums, and get her hands dirty learning new skills like pottery, carpentry, and skateboarding. Her self-care includes keeping a gratitude journal, gardening, practicing meditation.



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