Bianca Nieto, LMSW

For Bianca, mental health is not simply a career, it is her passion. Bianca earned her BSW from George Mason University and it’s there where her passion for social work began. At GMU, she became fascinated and inspired by what social workers do and the momentous change their work has on the populations they serve. She spent two semesters interning with an after school program at an affordable housing complex where she helped children cope with their immigration trauma, a personally important matter to her. In addition, she helped conduct research highlighting the barriers the transgender community faces accessing medical care. A year after graduating, Bianca earned her MSW from New York University-Silver School. As a student, she interned at Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare. There she had the privilege of working with amazing people who gave her amazing hands-on experience. Her clients proudly preached, “The books don’t teach you everything about mental health” and they were right!

Bianca has experience working with young adults living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, issues coping with life transitions, trauma, personality disorders, and OCD. Her therapy style includes a combination of tools and interventions from DBT, motivational interviewing, CBT, goal setting and positive psychology. Tools such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are also used by Bianca in treatment. Bianca believes taking the essential steps to better one’s mental health does not necessarily mean turning one’s life upside down. In fact, she makes it her goal to create treatments consisting of a variety of techniques including focusing on healthy aspects of your life you find enjoyable. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to finding the best ways for one to improve their life. Bianca makes it a point to stay up to date with the new advances within the mental health field.

Bianca grew up in New Jersey, about 10 minutes outside of Manhattan. New York City has been her backyard her whole life. Bianca enjoys spending time at her local yoga studio both practicing and volunteering. Yoga is not her only hobby, she writes, enjoys walking in nature, and going to the movies. Since she was a child, she has enjoyed volunteering year-round for The New Jersey Camp for Blind Children with her family.



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