Antonio Thomas, MSW

Antonio Thomas is a Philadelphia native who has lived in NYC for over a decade. He moved to NYC to pursue a career in entertainment after graduating from the University of the Arts, where he studied dance. After working in the arts and entertainment industry, Antonio attended Columbia University, where he received a degree in Sociology, followed by a Masters’s degree in Social Work from NYU.

Antonio has clinical experience working with clients who experience trauma, social anxiety, depression and self esteem issues. He has become specialized in treating alcohol, drug abuse and sexual compulsion issues. Through his speciality working with members of the creative and athletic communities, Antonio enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds.

Antonio believes that therapy is a collaboration because each client is the expert of their life; together, Antonio and his clients will embark on a therapeutic journey tailored specifically to each client’s individual needs. Antonio believes therapy sessions should move at a pace that feels right to the client. Antonio aims to create a healing environment where clients feel supported and vulnerable; cultivativating growth in an empathetic, nonjudgmental environment that relies on each client’s strengths. Antonio’s goal is to help clients find balance and thrive.

Antonio is half Black and half Puerto Rican, and identifies as Black. He also identifies as gay, and is sober. Outside of therapy, Antonio is very passionate about dance and fitness. In his spare time he often takes dance or spin classes. Antonio also enjoys long bike rides while listening to iconic Pop Divas from the 80’s, 90’s 00’s. His self care regimen includes, therapy, group therapy, spirituality, meditation, being active, weightlifting, reading, and physical maintenance including massage, cryotherapy, and chiropractic care.

Ever since he was a child, Antonio has always wanted to live in NYC and considers himself an honorary New Yorker. He loves that the city is the creative capital of the world and that there is inspiration everywhere. He gives back by volunteering with clients in the recovery community.

Client Focus Area

Abuse Survivors,


Boundary Setting,

Break Ups,

Career Counseling,








Imposter Syndrome,


Men’s Issues,


Porn Addiction,


Racial Identity,

Self Esteem,


Sexual Abuse,


Sports Performance,






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