Angie Wassif, LMSW

Angie is a native New Yorker and has enjoyed living in many different neighborhoods throughout the city. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Children and Youth Studies and an MA in Organizational Psychology from CUNY, Brooklyn College. Angie received her MSW with specialization in Global Social Work and Practice with Immigrant Families from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Her areas of research focused on strengthening therapeutic alliance in multicultural treatment. She has completed advanced training and workshops on the Mental Health Effects of Racial Discrimination and Healing Mass and Intergenerational Trauma.

Angie has worked in community organizations where she provided trauma-informed psychotherapy and crisis intervention.

She worked with clients experiencing a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, IPV, relationship and family issues, acculturative stress, and trauma. Angie is experienced working with diverse populations, young people and adults, justice involved persons, individuals with multicultural identities, immigrants, and refugee populations.

Angie’s therapeutic style is integrative, adaptive, and holistic. She approaches clients with a respect and understanding for their individual needs. Angie uses several modalities, among them, narrative therapy, relational psychotherapy, CBT, and motivational interviewing. She practices within a liberation health framework. Angie provides culturally responsive interventions which includes incorporating a client’s own traditional healing practices. She is committed to providing safe spaces for healing, awareness, and action. Angie supports clients to recognize their inner strengths, develop confidence, think through challenges, and improve resilience.

Some of Angie’s clinical interests include the healing power of nature, horticultural therapy, and art therapy.

Angie’s multicultural identities inform her work. As a daughter of immigrant parents from North Africa and South America, she has a deep empathy for and understanding of the struggles of immigrant and marginalized communities; Angie is fluent in Arabic and conversational in Spanish.

Angie believes representation matters in mental health care, and that clients of color, and other marginalized communities need clinicians who understand the intersections of their identity and its impact on their daily life, including racial trauma.

Angie loves to travel and experience new places near and far. She has a talent for helping people rethink their living spaces and understand how their physical environments can influence their overall wellbeing. For self-care, Angie enjoys being in nature, spending time with friends and family, and dancing.

There is so much Angie loves about the vibrant NYC lifestyle. Besides the walkability, museums, coffee shops, great parks, great food, and great people from all over the world, there is always something new to explore in this everchanging city.

Angie works with a Brooklyn based nonprofit that works at the intersection of social justice and resilience. The organization’s mission is to strengthen resilience, build community, foster healing, and promote leadership and advocacy skills within historically marginalized communities.



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