Andre Thomas, LMSW

Andre is a third generation native New Yorker who was born and raised in Staten Island, until 17 years old when he left for college. A large portion of Andre’s family are Brooklyn to the core so much of his youth was spent in Brooklyn as well.

Andre pursued his graduate education at Columbia University where he received a Master’s in Social Work.

In addition to his work as a psychotherapist at Refresh, Andre also works as an administrator at a community health center in Brooklyn which provides services to the LGBTQ community. Previously, Andre worked in several community health center settings as well as in private practice.

Andre has spent many years working with people who identify as a person of African descent, a person of color, and/or a person of LGBTQ+ identity. He has developed skills that help address the specific needs of people within these communities. Andre is a Black and bi-identified cis-man.

Andre works with people on ways to overcome challenges and strengthen their ability to manage stress. He helps others to develop skills in recognizing patterns of behaviors and altering these behaviors. Andre enjoys helping his patients to find ways to deepen relationships with the self and others as well as increase internal happiness as each person defines it.

Andre’s clinical and research interests include: analyzing and working with people of bi+ experience and how their identity impacts anxiety within relationships as well as depressive symptoms, feelings of isolation, and self-actualization; and, the impact of racism and microaggressions on the sense of self in community and work productivity.

In his spare time, you can find Andre dancing, listening to music, binging Netflix, playing with his dogs, and singing…a lot of singing. His favorite form of self-care is traveling. Andre loves traveling, exploring, and being engulfed in different cultures. Andre also regularly practices self-care by meditating and doing a 20-minute beginner Yoga video on YouTube.

Andre loves living and working in NYC and enjoys being able to be close with his family here. He has lived all over the country from Phoenix to Tampa, but for Andre, there is nothing like being close enough to family.



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