Ammari Edwards, LMSW

Ammari was born and raised in Massachusetts. As a youth she was familiar with Brooklyn, NY having attended second grade here and visiting her late grandparents and cousins during several summer vacations. Ammari acquired her undergraduate degree at Framingham State University studying Sociology and Psychology. She earned her MSW while attending NYU’s Silver School of Social Work.

For several semesters Ammari was a notetaker for classmates with learning disabilities and worked as a tutor for students learning Sociology at FSU. She served 1700 hours, over 10 months, in a underserved school as a City Year Boston Americorps member during her gap year before her MSW. While completing her MSW, Ammari was initiated into Phi Alpha Delta Honor Society and began constructing homes for those in need with Americorps Habitat for Humanity NYC. Between 2015 and 2016, she began activism at social justice rally’s in Brooklyn, New York, as well as Washington, DC’s Million Man March for Black lives after a stream of videotaped police brutality.

As a four-year postgraduate professional Ammari has already provided therapy in a variety of clinical settings including: elementary schools, opioid treatment programs, crisis and suicide intervention hotlines, foster care agencies, and homeless shelters. She remains passionate, open minded, and demonstrates empathy while helping any person in need. Ammari has experience supporting a wide range of clients from children as early as four years old up to those classified as senior citizens. She has assisted individuals with various mental health, behavioral health, family and relationship concerns. Ammari’s past clientele were treated while overcoming social emotional learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, suicidal or homocidal ideations, PTSD, panic disorders, addiction to alcohol, drugs, or problem gambling, family and relationship conflict, economic hardship as well as domestic violence. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid, and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and has utilized motivational interviewing, strength based approach, trauma focused CBT, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, and group therapy to aid clientele.

Ammari is a advocate for self-care and routinely rotates between various enjoyable interests and hobbies such as: entertaining her newborn baby, cruising her longboard, exploring vegetarian/vegan food with her best friend, indulging in Netflix, shopping on Amazon, singing and dancing to favorite songs, and creating art. Ammari’s spiritual practices include reading about energy, vibrations, and frequencies, using crystals, learning African spiritual science, developing yoga skills, and improving meditation abilities.



159 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 | 14 Wall Street,
New York, NY 10005

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